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Learning Technology – Learning Outcomes

Learning Technology is great… when it works!

Learning Technology, PennyDrop Solutions, Christopher Sweetman, Image by Catherine Sweetman

Perhaps you have some great technology but it keeps failing! Maybe you struggle because you don’t know what you don’t know. PennyDrop Solutions can help. Often schools have a lot of good equipment but the infrastructure lets them down. Use PennyDrop Solutions to plan your procurement strategy or help choose the right device and apps for the job. Whatever level of support you choose our key outcomes are as follows:

  • Reduce teacher workload and make good teaching easier
  • Improve the quality and speed of Assessment For Learning Feedback
  • Increase the opportunities for independent learning
  • Reduce revenue costs by maximising the use of free learning technology

Our consultant has extensive experience in large (£1.5m) and small scale technology deployment. He is an experienced and outstanding teacher and passionate about education. He will focus on learning technology for creativity and innovation. Here are some of the areas where he can help.

  • Learning and teaching with iPads
  • Learning and teaching with Windows 10
  • Learning and teaching with Google
  • Good questioning with learning technology
  • Managing IT support
  • IT strategy and managed services

Keep Up To Date

Everyone in education is busy. It is very difficult to find the time for proper research. PennyDrop Solutions can do this for you. Our consultant will weed out the rubbish and present you with a list of options. The pros and cons will be laid out for you. He can even demonstrate how different technologies can be used in a classroom.

This will save you time. It will ensure your chosen option works and save you money. The options will always promote learning. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core purpose.