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Leadership – Improve Data and Standards

Management Information Systems should be streamlined and cost effective. Most leadership teams know what needs be done. It is hard to find the time to create data dashboards and reports.

Education Leadership Consultancy MIS Data in Schools Illustration by Catherine Sweetman

PennyDrop Solutions can provide just the right support for leadership teams. This can be light touch, to get a project started or full change management. Whatever level of support you choose our key outcomes are as follows:

  • Reduce time and revenue costs involved in tracking pupil data.
  • Provide key dashboard information for key stakeholders.
  • Provide the tools for raising standards.

Call and speak to our leadership consultant on the number below. He has years of experience with different School MIS. He will help you use your data to raise standards. If you want to change your MIS he can run the procurement for you. Our consultant has managed projects in small Special Needs Schools as well as large high performing, selective schools. Here are just some of the ways he can help:

  • Getting the most from your current School MIS including
    • behaviour
    • assessment
    • staff development
    • single central register.
  • Finding a new School MIS (there are lots of new ones on the market).
  • Project managing the whole change process:
    • coaching middle leaders
    • agreeing the functional requirements
    • working with the MIS provider.