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How lucky are we?

Image copyright is a minefield! Far too many websites and blogs have images copied from Google and are at risk of legal action. Added to which, we want our business to stand out not blend in. Catherine Sweetman takes care of all that. Feel free to contact Catherine and see what she can do for your website, blog or presentation.

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You can also buy products with great illustrations on them. You’ll find some examples here.

Good Illustrators Never Give Away Their Rights

A good illustrator will generally keep the rights to her or his work. It is possible to buy the rights, but it is very expensive. The Association of Illustrators takes a dim view of selling rights cheaply or giving them away. We can sell images on a time limited license, and the price depends very much on the intended usage.

Never Underestimate The Value An Illustrator

We know that capturing images from the web is risky. If it is license free, it may get over used and if it is not then using it without permission is stealing. The great thing about using a professional illustrator is that they have trained to translate what people ask for into something that does far more. Ours has a First Class Honours Degree in – you guessed it – Illustration. She listens, interprets, adapts and commits fully to delivering the highest quality.

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iBook Author App (Free Mac Download)

The implications of this for schools and businesses are huge. Clicking this button

will take you to a beautiful example of Catherine’s Illustrations in a twenty three page book.

The Alien From Pewberty by Catherine Sweetman
Sample From iBook