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Governance and Education Trusts

Good governance in multi-school trusts can be hampered by IT systems not working together. In practice it is very difficult. Call PennyDrop Solutions to get the best from group buying power and shared services. Our key outcomes are as follows

  • Consolidated, efficient and cost effective IT solutionsMIS School Data, School Improvement, Catherine Sweetman, Illustrator
  • Meaningful Data for multiple and individual schools
  • Costed technology strategies for clear budget planning

Effective governance begins with a strategic overview. Call the number below to begin an audit of IT for management and learning across all schools. Our consultant has worked successfully with academy groups, secondary schools, primary schools and SEN providers. His experience covers schools in special measures and high performing schools. He will then help you plan developments you can afford. This will save on your current revenue costs. Here are some of the areas where he can help

PennyDrop Solutions Governance, Christopher Sweetman, Image by Catherine Sweetman

  • Designing and implementing trust-wide KPI measurement systems
  • Setting up trust and school centred Data Dashboards
  • Identifying shared and individual service opportunities for cost efficiency
  • Designing workflows and procedures for compliance and simplicity
  • Trust-wide procurement of IT systems, services and end user devices
  • Developing Assessment strategies
  • Training for governors

Change Management

Great ideas can fail when the management of change is neglected. Governors and Executive Principals are under immense pressure. It is difficult to pull all the strands together across an education trust. Have PennyDrop solutions increase your capacity. Our consultant has extensive experience in change management and project planning. He can work with your middle and senior leaders to embed the necessary changes. Talk to him and you will easily see how hearts and minds can be won. Innovation does not have to be a long hard slog. With PennyDrop Solutions there is a clear focus on outcomes for young people and an infectious enthusiasm. Our workflow designs ensure everyone benefits. PennyDrop Solutions always adds value.